My name is Nick Thom and I live in Greece/Athens. I deal with PCs and occasionally smartphones, because I like it. It's one of my hobbies. I'm working on Linux since 2010. Self taught, I became a Linux enthusiast learning new things every day. Currently, Fedora is sitting on my secondary machine of use, which is a Desktop.

I discovered the real Fedora power almost recently. Since version 20 (and from the day one it was released), I have installed it on a mechanical hard drive, mostly because I wanted to see the behavior of the system on a real hardware (and not on a virtual one). As I was seeing, learning and discovering the "real" Fedora, what impressed me more, was the speed and stability (as opposed on what I've heard or read about!).

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The space(2GBs) upon which this site set up, has been made available to me for free, as a Fedora contributor. Read more info on how you can gain your space.

This site will keep tracking my work on Fedora and Greek Fedora Community. The articles will be written in Greek Language and only the title or a brief summary will be written in English.
The theme is a template, available under a Free cultural licence and also it's free of charge. You can find more at

Best Regards.